Hobe Sound Florida Sunrise

There’s nothing like a sunrise over the ocean and this Hobe Sound, Florida sunrise was no exception!   David and I were at the beach early one morning and so I decided to capture some of the magic.

But…Where is Hobe Sound?

If you’re not familiar with Florida, Hobe Sound is on the southeast coast.  It’s a little north of Jupiter, and south of Fort Pierce.  Since it’s kind of away from all the hustle and bustle, it’s a fairly quiet Florida beach.  Especially if you are there at 6 AM!  😉

But even with all the people that gathered at sunrise, there wouldn’t be a whole lot left after, say 9 AM, because the vast majority of the people taking advantage of the glorious play of color over the ocean were fishermen!

And, since surf fishing is best right around sunrise, the beach gets much quieter in the early to mid-morning.

What’s Special?

Since this is a beach on Florida’s Atlantic coastline, it gets more surf than beaches on the Gulf side.  However, that doesn’t mean that it gets a whole lot of it!  South Florida tends to have more moderate surf conditions than beaches a little farther north on the Florida coast.

However, there is enough to play in, and little enough so that you can enjoy swimming.

I did notice that there were quite a few dogs on the beach at sunrise (on leashes, naturally).  I didn’t see signs as to dogs only being allowed during certain hours….then again, it was dark when I entered the beach!

Aside from the fishers and the dogs, there were also quite a few beachwalkers, and one person who was evidently enjoying some yoga moments.

Shelling — not great from what I could see (admittedly, it was dark-ish), but since I know that a little farther up  the coast the shelling is terrific, it could be that the shelling was merely so-so when I went.

No beach concessions.  So when it comes to food, chairs, umbrellas and other associated beach goodies, it’s strictly bring your own.  There was a lifeguard tower, though.

No beachside resorts or condos that I could really tell.  There were probably some a little to the north or south, but not here.

So bring your bathing suit and blanket; plenty to drink (non-alcoholic) and something to munch on.  They just enjoy this lovely beach on the Florida Atlantic coast.

Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter

Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter are two resorts in one!  They are located next to each other in the Downtown Disney area of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

So what are they like?  Here’s a review along with a slide show of these resorts.

Disney’s Port Orleans Overview

Port Orleans is what is called a Moderate Disney resort; this means that it’s midway in both price and amenities between the Value (least expensive) and Deluxe (most expensive).   The rooms are a little more spacious compared to the Value, and are a little quieter.

All that being said, I stayed at the French Quarter portion of Port Orleans, and was fortunate to get a room on the water.  It was nice and quiet, except for the clip-clopping of the horse-drawn carriage (which stopped at 11 PM anyway).

The room and the bed were both comfortable, and there were plenty of pillows!  The towels were nice and fluffy, and the bath supplies (soaps, shampoos, etc.) were in nice-sized containers.

Here’s a quick slide show; below you can read more of the review.

OK, now that you’ve seen a little of Port Orleans, what else do you need to know?  Food is one!

There is one restaurant at Port Orleans, located in the Riverside section.  Because it’s the only restaurant, you will need a reservation — it’s always busy!  The menu has a Southern flavor to it — very homey for those of us from the South.  Very delicious, very filling but they could have done with portions only half the size (and half the price would have been nice).

The main boat dock area is at Riverside, and that’s where you catch the water taxi (free) to Downtown Disney.  It’s about a 10 or so minute ride,  and you’ll get a chance to see a bunch of the other resorts on the way.  Plus you’ll get some interesting information from the boat captain.

Port Orleans Riverside

The atmosphere of Riverside is more laid-back, with a Southern mansion air about it.  It’s the larger of the two resorts and has more amenities than French Quarter, in the respect that it’s closer to all those amenities!  The rooms are very similar; it’s really just the decor that is different.

You can rent bicycles or mini-carriages that you pedal from the Riverside dock area; you can also rent (small) boats there.  And you can also enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride.  (All of these have an extra cost.)

Port Orleans French Quarter

Wrought iron abounds, with balconies and lanterns — the flavor is definitely New Orleans!  However, the wrought iron is mostly along the waterway; the interior area is a bit more plain (on the outside, that is).

The pool is awesome!  There is a sea-serpent waterslide, huge shells with fountains and plenty of lounge chairs.  There is a kiddie area for the toddler set.

Would I Stay Again?

That’s kind of hard to answer, in that I’ve been spoiled by the Deluxe resorts!  I would say, though, that if I couldn’t get a good deal on a Deluxe resort, I would not hesitate even a split-second to book a room at  Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter!